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Westafalia Separators: New arrivals! Great condition. Model numbers 120, 130, 170 and 200. All water savers. Call Great Lakes Separators at 920-863-3306 or email

FOR SALE: Car load of 300-400-500 late model open top milk tanks. Like new. (262) 473-3530.

ALFA-LAVAL SEPARATOR: Model MRPX 518 HGV hermetic separator. Can be set up for warm or cold. Call Great Lakes Separators at (920) 863-3306 or e-mail

FOR Sale: 1500 and 1250 cream tanks. Like New. (800) 558-0112. (262) 473-3530.

SEPARATOR NEEDS - Top quality reconditioned machines at unbeatable prices. Call Dave Lambert, Great Lakes Separators at (920) 863-3306 or e-mail

Wanted to Buy: Westfalia or Alfa-Laval separators. Large or small. Old or new. Top dollar paid. Call Great Lakes Separators at (920) 863-3306 or

Shred/Dice Capabilities Available: We have space available on our shred/dice line. We do 5-pound 10-pound, and 15-pound sizes. We are a Wisconsin/USDA approved plant. We can convert your cheese products, or can convert from our cheese stocks. Please e-mail: jeff@cedarvalley

Keys Manufacturing: Dehydrators of scrap cheese for the animal feed industry. Contact us for your scrap at (217) 465-4001 or email

Small Cheese Producer wishes to relocate to a northern California cheese factory. Send replies to
Box J-180, c/o Cheese Reporter, 2810 Crossroads Drive,
Suite 3000, Madison, WI 53718. Or send email to BoxJ180@cheesereporter

Contact Jim at 608-835-7705;
or by email at

Freezer Space: available at our warehouse facilities in Wisconsin and Utah. We have expanded and have freezer and cooler space available. Please contact Bob at Martin Warehousing at 608-435-2029 or email at

Extrutech Plastics Sanitary POLY BOARD© panels provide bright white, non-porous, easily cleanable surfaces, perfect for non-food contact applications. CFIA and USDA accepted and Class A for smoke and flame. Call EPI at 888-818-0118

Epoxy or Fiberglass floors, walls, tank-linings, and tile grouting. Installed by M&W Protective Coating Co. LLC. Call (715) 234-2251.