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Equipment For Sale

EQUIPMENT FOR SALE: Cryovac Rotary Chamber Vac Model 8610-14. 4 chambers with 14” dual seal wire set-up.
Chamber product size is 12”x14” or 6”x18”. Machine is 460 volt 3 phase. Completely refurbished.
Call 608-437-5598 x 2344 or email:

Westafalia Separators: New arrivals! Great condition. Model numbers 120, 130, 170 and 200. All water savers. Call Great Lakes Separators at 920-863-3306 or email

FOR SALE: Car load of 300-400-500 late model open top milk tanks. Like new. (262) 473-3530.

ALFA-LAVAL SEPARATOR: Model MRPX 518 HGV hermetic separator. Can be set up for warm or cold. Call Great Lakes Separators at (920) 863-3306 or e-mail

FOR Sale: 1500 and 1250 cream tanks. Like New. (800) 558-0112. (262) 473-3530.

SEPARATOR NEEDS - Top quality reconditioned machines at unbeatable prices. Call Dave Lambert, Great Lakes Separators at (920) 863-3306 or e-mail


Equipment Wanted

Wanted to Buy: Westfalia or Alfa-Laval separators. Large or small. Old or new. Top dollar paid. Call Great Lakes Separators at (920) 863-3306 or e-mail


Products & Services


Cheese & Dairy Products

VINTAGE CHEDDAR CHEESE: Aged premium Cheddar cheese from 7 years to 22 years old. Made in Black Creek, WI. White and colored. Available in pallet or individual 40-pound blocks. Call 715-735-6922.

Keys Manufacturing: Dehydrators of scrap cheese for the animal feed industry. Contact us for your scrap at (217) 465-4001 or email


Real Estate

DAIRY PLANTS FOR SALE: Contact Jim at 608-835-7705; or by email at



SQF Consultant + Implementation Assistant: Do you wish to obtain SQF Certification for your facility? Could you benefit from the use of a local, industry experienced SQF Consultant? I have assisted many small and mid-sized cheese manufacturers, cold storage warehouses, and ingredient brokers in Wisconsin and Illinois to achieve their SQF Certification, and I want to help you too. I can navigate the process, provide various templates, training, and personalized guidance to make the process easier. I am based out of Madison, WI. Call Brandis Wasvick at 651-271-0822 or Email: or or visit for more information, testimonials, and to see how you and I can get started today. Brandis Wasvick, SQF and Food Safety Compliance Consultant and Assistant



AMBIENT/COOLER/FREEZER/CROSS-DOCKING: For all your warehousing needs contact CEDAR VALLEY WAREHOUSING! Conveniently located on State Highway 57 in Belgium, WI. Our New, 88,000 square foot warehouse, is available to service YOUR needs. 14 Dock Doors to expedite CROSS-DOCKING. To request a QUOTE, EMAIL: SHIPPING@CEDARVALLEYCHEESE.COM. Or Call (920) 994-2934.

REFRIGERATOR SPACE available at our warehouse in Rochester, Minnesota (on Hwy 63, 4 miles from Hwy 52, and 15 miles from I-90). 2,400 sq ft space for $1,999.00 per month (.83 per sq ft)! We offer 24/7 LTL cold storage access. Please contact John at Minnesota Cold Storage at 507-251-3863, email at, and visit our website at

Freezer Space: available at our warehouse facilities in Wisconsin and Utah. We have expanded and have freezer and cooler space available. Please contact Bob at Martin Warehousing at 608-435-2029 or email at


Walls & Ceiling

Extrutech Plastics Sanitary POLY BOARD© panels provide bright white, non-porous, easily cleanable surfaces, perfect for non-food contact applications. CFIA and USDA accepted and Class A for smoke and flame. Call EPI at 888-818-0118


Conversion Services

LANCASTER CHEESE SOLUTIONS: A Cheese Conversion Company. Blocks or bars from 5 ounce to 10 pound. Located in southeast Pennsylvania. Call with your requests. (717) 351-0046.