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US Cheese Production Reached A Record 14.1 Billion Pounds In 2023

US cheese production during 2023 totaled a record 14.11 billion pounds, up 0.3 percent, or 43.5 million pounds, from 2022, according to statistics released Monday by USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS).

US cheese production has now reached new record highs for 32 consecutive years. The last time cheese production declined was in 1991, when output of 6.055 billion pounds was down about 4.6 million pounds from 1990.

December cheese production totaled 1.21 billion pounds, up 0.9 percent from December 2022. In 2023, monthly cheese production was higher than in 2022 in seven months, with those increases ranging from 0.1 percent in March to 2.3 percent in January; and lower than in 2022 in five months, with those declines ranging from 0.1 percent in both August and September to 1.2 percent in July.

Regional cheese production in December, with comparisons to December 2022, was: Central, 587.3 million pounds, down 0.02 percent; West, 485.5 million pounds, up 2.6 percent; and Atlantic, 137.3 million pounds, down 0.5 percent.
December cheese production in the states broken out by NASS, with comparisons to December 2022, was: Wisconsin, 300.4 million pounds, up 0.6 percent; California, 214.6 million pounds, up 2.7 percent; New Mexico, 89.8 million pounds, up 7.7 percent; Idaho, 88.8 million pounds, up 2.6 percent; Minnesota, 70.2 million pounds, down 0.1 percent; New York, 68.2 million pounds, up 2.1 percent; South Dakota, 45.0 million pounds, up 1.7 percent; Pennsylvania, 38.1 million pounds, down 4.6 percent; Iowa, 35.8 million pounds, up 1.2 percent; Ohio, 22.7 million pounds, down 2.1 percent; Vermont, 12.2 million pounds, down 5.2 percent; New Jersey, 6.2 million pounds, up 3.2 percent; and Illinois, 5.9 million pounds, down 1.2 percent.

December cheese production in all other states totaled 212.2 million pounds, down 2.1 percent from December 2022.

American-type cheese production during December totaled 488.1 million pounds, up 0.5 percent from December 2022. For all of 2023, American-type cheese output totaled 5.72 billion pounds, up 1.4 percent from 2022.

December production of American-type cheese in the states broken out by NASS, with comparisons to December 2022, was: Wisconsin, 93.5 million pounds, up 0.4 percent; Minnesota, 59.1 million pounds, down 1.0 percent; California, 47.6 million pounds, up 2.4 percent; Iowa, 18.2 million pounds, down 4.5 percent; and New York, 13.1 million pounds, up 6.3 percent.

American-type cheese production in all other states during December totaled 256.6 million pounds, up 0.6 percent from December 2022.
Cheddar cheese production during December totaled 336.5



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