Front Page - May 15, 2015 • Volume 139, No. 46

Petition Asks USDA To Establish Organic Promo, Research Checkoff
In what supporters are calling a “groundbreaking” move for the organic sector, the Organic Trade Association (OTA), in collaboration with the GRO Organic (Generic Research and Promotion Order for Organic), this week formally petitioned the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) to begin steps to establish an organic industry promotion and research checkoff program.
As proposed, the organic checkoff would be a full...

USDA’s Initial Dairy Projections For 2016: More Milk, Higher Exports, Lower Imports, Higher Cheese, NDM, Dry Whey Prices

The US Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) monthly supply-demand estimates, released Tuesday, include the agency’s first 2016 projections for US milk and dairy products.


Trade In Dairy Products Projected To Rose 2.7% In 2015; US Expected To Maintain Sales At Level Similar To Last Year

Trade in dairy products is projected to increase by 2.7 percent in 2015, a slower rate than last year, to reach 74 million tons of milk equivalent, according to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization’s (FAO) biannual “Food Outlook,” which was released late

Number Of New US Grads In Food, Ag Fields Will Fall Short Of Number Of Available Jobs
An employment outlook report released this week concludes that, over the next five years, US college graduates will find good employment opportunities if they have expertise in food, agriculture, renewable natural resources, or the environment.

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General Machinery Corp Introduces Single Direction Horizontal Cheese Cutter

Chr. Hansen Introduces Phage Robust Adjunct Culture That Increases Fat Perception Of Fresh Dairy Products

Kelley Supply Synergizes Efficiencies With New Engineering And Automation Division

New Magnetic Mat From Powder-Solutions Controls Transfer Of Ferrrous Metal Into Sensitive Areas Like Production Rooms, Offices

Gold Peg International Receives Patent For Apparatus For Producing A Pasta Filata Cheese In Continuous Process

Johnson Industries Gets Patent For Improved Cutting System For Extruded String Cheese

Nelson-Jameson Adds Pink To Its Collection Of Color-Coded Products

Garon Foods Announces Winners Of ICTE’s Favorite Flavors Challenge; Offers New Flavors

DSM Goes “Beyond Coagulation” To Help Cheese Makers Extend Shelf Life Of Texture

Johnson Industries Introduces Two Continuous Waterless Cookers To Deal With Cook Water •

Bob-White Systems’ LiLi Pasteurizer Now Approved For Use In All 50 States


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EDCO Food Products Receives Safe Quality Food Certification Fully Automated 40-Pound Cheese Block De-Boxing, De-Bagging And In-Line Block Tracking Available United Industries Adds Larger Size Stainless Steel Tubing For Increased Volume Throughput CrystalBan™ Prevents Calcium Lactate Crystals In American-Type Cheese; Improves Yield