Front Page - July 31, 2015 • Volume 140, No. 6

FDA Seeks Data, Comments On Reducing Risk Of Raw Milk Cheese
The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) today announced that it is requesting comments and scientific data and information that will assist the agency in identifying and evaluating intervention measures that might have an effect on the presence of bacterial pathogens in cheeses manufactured from raw (unpasteurized) milk.
FDA said it is taking this action in light of scientific data on potential health risks associated with consumption of cheese made from raw milk...

USDA Releases Final Rule Amending Dairy Import Licensing Regs; Historical Reduction Suspended For Another Seven Years

FAS) today released a final rule that amends the regulation that provides for the issuance of licenses to import certain cheese and dairy articles under tariff-rate quotas (TRQs). ..


Milk Production Rose 0.7% In June; Milk Cow Numbers Declined From May; CA’s June Output Fell 4.3%; Michigan Tops Texas

US milk production in the 23 reporting states during June totaled 16.354 billion pounds, up 0.7 percent from June of 2014, USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) reported Tuesday.....

California To Increase Whey Factor In 4b Price Formula For One Year
Karen Ross, secretary of the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA), last Friday ordered a temporary increase in the dry whey scale of the Class 4b (cheesemilk) pricing formula, to be effective August 1, 2015, through July 31, 2016.
Specifically, the whey factor value in the Class 4b formula is increased from the current range of 25 cents to 75 cents per hundredweight to a new range of zero cents per hundred to $2.0050 per hundred. . .

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General Machinery Corp Introduces Single Direction Horizontal Cheese Cutter

Chr. Hansen Introduces Phage Robust Adjunct Culture That Increases Fat Perception Of Fresh Dairy Products

Kelley Supply Synergizes Efficiencies With New Engineering And Automation Division

New Magnetic Mat From Powder-Solutions Controls Transfer Of Ferrrous Metal Into Sensitive Areas Like Production Rooms, Offices

Gold Peg International Receives Patent For Apparatus For Producing A Pasta Filata Cheese In Continuous Process

Johnson Industries Gets Patent For Improved Cutting System For Extruded String Cheese

Nelson-Jameson Adds Pink To Its Collection Of Color-Coded Products

Garon Foods Announces Winners Of ICTE’s Favorite Flavors Challenge; Offers New Flavors

DSM Goes “Beyond Coagulation” To Help Cheese Makers Extend Shelf Life Of Texture

Johnson Industries Introduces Two Continuous Waterless Cookers To Deal With Cook Water •

Bob-White Systems’ LiLi Pasteurizer Now Approved For Use In All 50 States


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EDCO Food Products Receives Safe Quality Food Certification Fully Automated 40-Pound Cheese Block De-Boxing, De-Bagging And In-Line Block Tracking Available United Industries Adds Larger Size Stainless Steel Tubing For Increased Volume Throughput CrystalBan™ Prevents Calcium Lactate Crystals In American-Type Cheese; Improves Yield