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For Sale: CEM Smart Trac II moisture and fat analyzer. Originally purchased in 2013. Excellent condition. Currently in use for your inspection. Complete system - $42,000. Email or call 630-553-0202 with questions or interest.

Available Now: 50,000 Gallon Walker Milk Silo, Grade A Interior, 440 Sq. Ft. Coldwall, Horizontal Agitator, 12’6” Diameter x 72’ High, Call 608-764-5481, International Machinery Exchange, PO Box 438 * Deerfield, WI 53531,

For Sale: 42,000# Damrow deep make cook vat. Please contact Tony Hook at Hook's Cheese by emailing or by phone at 608-987-3259.

MSA 200 Westfalia Separator for sale. Just arrived. Perfect Bowl condition - NO PITTING. Two for sale.Call Great Lakes Separators at (920) 863-3306 or e-mail

HIGH CAPACITY SEPARATOR: Alfa-Laval hmrpx 718 HGV hermetic separator. 77,000 pounds per hour separation/110,000 pounds per hour standardization. Call Great Lakes Separator at 920-863-3306 or email

FOR SALE: Westfalia Separator Discs: MSA 200, MSA 160, SAMM 20006. Overstock items: 40% off list price. Call Dave Lambert, Great Lakes Separators at (920) 863-3306 or e-mail

— just arrived. Call Dave Lambert, Great Lakes Separators at (920) 863-3306 or e-mail

Westfalia Fluid Clutches: $2,500.00 each. Call Dave Lambert at Great Lakes Separators at (920) 863-3306 or e-mail

SEPARATOR NEEDS - Top quality reconditioned machines at unbeatable prices. Call Dave Lambert, Great Lakes Separators at (920) 863-3306 or e-mail

FOR SALE: 1500 AND 1250 cream tanks. Like new. (800) 558-0112. (262) 473-3530. 

FOR SALE: Car load of 300-400-500 late model open top milk tanks. Like new. (262) 473-3530.

Wanted USED VATS: Two to four complete, open cheese vats for making Cheddar cheese. 18,000 pounds or larger. Also wanted, two 25,000 to 30,000 gallon silo tanks in good condition. Call George Haseotes at 617-448-4292.

WANTED: Used Water/Milk Silos. Call Ullmer’s Dairy Equipment at (920) 822-8266.

WANTED TO BUY: Westfalia or Alfa-Laval separators. Large or small. Old or new. Top dollar paid. Call Great Lakes Separators at (920) 863-3306 or e-mail


For sale: Wisconsin 10 month aged StarK Kosher Parmesan and 3 month aged Asiago. Shreds, blocks, chunks, loaves. For more information email:

Sheep Milk: ISO buyer to pick up excellent quality bulk raw Grade A milk for the 2016 season. Reference on quality available. We are located in Central NY. Call 607-638-5794 or email:

Keys Manufacturing: Dehydrators of scrap cheese for the animal feed industry. Contact us for your scrap at (217) 465-4001 or email


DAIRY PLANTS FOR SALE: /dairy-plants. Call Jim at


Go Direct! Cheesecloth - All constructions, medical grade. Microfiber and dairy wipers too. Lucy Bauccio lucyb@


 Extrutech Plastics Sanitary POLY BOARD© panels provide bright white, non-porous, easily cleanable surfaces, perfect for non-food contact applications. CFIA and USDA accepted and Class A for smoke and flame. Call EPI at 888-818-0118

Epoxy or Fiberglass floors, walls, tank-linings, and tile grouting. Installed by M&W Protective Coating Co. LLC. Call (715) 234-2251.