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US Cheese Production In 2015 Was A Record 11.721 Billion Pounds

December Cheese Output Was Record 1.022 Billion Lbs; Wisconsin Sets Another Monthly Production Record

US cheese production during 2015 totaled a record 11.721 billion pounds, up 2.4 perccent, or 271.6 million pounds, from 2014’s record output, according to figures released Wednesday by USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS).

December cheese production totaled 1.022 billion pounds, up 1.2 percent from December of 2014 and a new record for cheese output during a single month. It also marked just the second time ever that US cheese production topped 1 billion pounds in a single month; the previous time was in December of 2014, when output was 1.01 billion pounds.

Regional cheese production during December, with comparisons to December of 2014, was: Central, 455.3 million pounds, up 1.3 percent; West, 438 million pounds, up 0.8 percent; and Atlantic, 128.8 million pounds, up 2.6 percent.

Wisconsin’s December cheese production was a record 264.6 million pounds, up 3.5 percent from December of 2014. Wisconsin’s monthly cheese production in 2015 set four new record highs: in March (259 million pounds), in July (261.4 million pounds), in October (263.7 million pounds) and in December.
For all of 2015, Wisconsin’s cheese production totaled a record 3.038 billion pounds, up 4.4 percent, or 127.5 million pounds, from 2014.

California’s December cheese production totaled 216.3 million pounds, up 0.9 percent from December of 2014. For all of 2015, California’s cheese production totaled 2.436 billion pounds, down 0.3 percent, or 8.5 million pounds, from 2014.

December cheese production in the other states broken out by NASS, with comparisons to December of 2014, was: Idaho, 83.3 million pounds, up 2.9 percent; New York, 71.1 million pounds, down 2.1 percent; New Mexico, 61 million pounds, down 3.3 percent; Minnesota, 59.7 million pounds, up 0.2 percent; Pennsylvania, 33.7 million pounds, down 2.9 percent; South Dakota, 22.9 million pounds, down 3.7 percent; Iowa, 19.7 million pounds, up 3.8 percent; Ohio, 19.4 million pounds, up 2.9 percent; Vermont, 11.4 million pounds, up 5.4 percent; and Illinois, 6.9 million pounds, down 6.7 percent.

American-type cheese production during December totaled 397.4 million pounds, up 0.7 percent from December of 2014. For all of 2015, American-type cheese output totaled 4.64 billion pounds, up 2.3 percent from 2014.

December American-type cheese production in the states broken out by NASS, with comparisons to December of 2014, was: Wisconsin, 78.3 million pounds, up 1.9 percent; California, 55.5 million pounds, up 2.3 percent; Idaho, 49.8 million pounds, down 3 percent; Oregon, 17.7 million pounds, up 0.8 percent; and Iowa, 11.7 million pounds, up 7.5 percent.

Cheddar production in December totaled 289.9 million pounds, up 1.5 percent from December of

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