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Perfect Day, ADM Agree To Partner On Animal-Free Dairy Protein

Dairy Proteins To Be Produced On Large Scale Via Fermentation; First Project Will Be Animal-Free Whey Protein

San Francisco, CA—Perfect Day, a pioneer in the research, development and production of animal-free dairy, on Thursday announced a joint development agreement with global agricultural company Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM) to develop and commercialize animal-free dairy proteins.
Under the agreement, the two companies will work together to optimize and scale up the production of dairy proteins using fermentation in microflora.

According to Perfect Day, these animal-free dairy proteins will be the first in the world to be produced at large scale via fermentation instead of using animals, which have historically been the only way to produce dairy proteins.

Perfect Day’s first project with ADM is an animal-free whey protein that can be used in a variety of food products. Through this new partnership, Perfect Day said it will leverage ADM’s existing fermentation infrastructure to bring the cost of producing animal-free whey protein down to that of conventional whey protein.

Animal-free dairy proteins will not only offer consumers the option to have a lactose-free, animal-free alternative to conventional animal-based dairy, but also provide a portfolio of nutritious and functional, high-purity proteins with similar taste and nutrition profile of dairy proteins for a wide range of food and beverage applications, Perfect Day said.

Its partnership with ADM brings Perfect Day substantially closer to introducing a new category of ingredients to the food industry, and participation by an established market leader highlights its strong prospects for creating a sustainable supply of protein, Perfect Day said.

“We are on a journey to bring sustainable, nutritious and delicious dairy to everyone,” commented Ryan Pandya, co-founder and CEO of Perfect Day. “We are thrilled to partner with ADM, a global leader in fermentation, to accelerate our path to market. With this partnership, we will enable brands to make your favorite foods in a kinder, greener way.”

Consumers won’t have to wait years to try Perfect Day, according to Pandya and Perumal Gandhi, the company’s other co-founder.

“We are forging relationships with food and beverage companies, big and small, that are excited about the new products and experiences our protein will enable,” Pandya and Gandhi said.

But “the excitement isn’t just about what you’ll see in restaurants and grocery stores,” Pandya and Gandhi continued. “Governments, nonprofits, and citizens around the world have expressed interest in our approach as a means of providing sustainable and affordable protein to undernourished populations, or bringing protein independence to regions that today import almost all their dairy.”

“ADM has been a leader in plant proteins for decades,” said Victoria de la Huerga, vice president, ADM Ventures. “We are excited to work


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