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Front Page - July 12, 2019 • Volume 144, No. 4
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Global Milk Output Expected To Rise 1.7% A Year Over Next Decade
World milk production is expected to grow at 1.7 percent per annum over the next decade, faster than most other main agricultural commodities, according to the OECD-FAO Agriculture Outlook, which was released Monday in Rome. ......

USDA Hikes Cheese Price Forecasts For Both 2019, 2020

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA), in its monthly supply-demand estimates released Thursday, raised its cheese price forecasts for both 2019 and 2020, while its other product price forecasts were mixed. . ....


California Dairies, Inc., DFA Create Marketing Agency In Common For Raw Milk In California

California Dairies, Inc. (CDI), and Dairy Farmers of America (DFA) on Wednesday announced the creation of a marketing agency in common to benefit and bring efficiency to both cooperatives’ customers and members. .....

Perfect Day Launches Ice Cream Made With Its Animal-Free Whey Protein
Perfect Day on Thursday announced the launch of its limited edition ice cream, which is made with the company’s flora-based, animal-free dairy protein. ....




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New KJ Cold Storage Warehouse In Southwest Wisconsin Open For Business

Valcour Process Technologies To Provide Aquionics UV Technology To Cheese Makers

Caloris Engineering Receives Patent For Low-Spore Powder Production Process

Kody Rathe Creates Process Engineering Firm, RSP Design

Kelley Supply Takes On Sophisticated Robot Palletizing Cell After New Expansion

Caloris Awarded Patent For CONCENTRIX MVR Evaporator