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Front Page - October 16, 2020 • Volume 145, No.18

More Depooling In Sept.; Class III Volume Under 2 Billion Pounds
Six federal milk marketing orders reported negative producer price differentials (PPDs) for the month of September, and the volume of milk pooled in Class III on the seven orders that pay producers based on milk components was under 2.0 billion pounds for the fourth straight month, according to the statistical uniform price announcements recently released by those seven orders...

EU Can Hike Tariffs On US Imports, WTO Rules In Boeing Case; EU Groups Seek De-Escalation

The European Union (EU) can raise tariffs on up to $4 billion worth of imports from the US as a countermeasure for illegal subsidies to the US aircraft maker Boeing, a WTO arbitrator decided....


Dairy CPI Fell 0.2% In Sept.; Retail Cheddar, Whole Milk Prices Increased

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) for dairy and related products was 230.66 in September (1982-84=100), down 0.2 percent from August’s record high but 5 percent higher than in September 2019, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported Tuesday....

Nestlé Pledges Up To $10 Million For US Dairy Net Zero Initiative
Nestlé has made the sizeable financial commitment of up to $10 million to help the US dairy industry achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. ...


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Allied Blending Gets Patent For Dry Blend For Making Extended Cheese Product

Chr. Hansen Offers New Microbial Lipase That Improves Cheese Taste With Dosage Precision

Renco Expands, Ups Shipments Of Calf Rennet To Answer Supply Shortage

Philquip Moves Operations, Doubles Improved Manufacturing Area

ALPMA USA Partners With Frontmatec To Offer Hand And Boot Hygiene Stations

Urschel Receives Patent For Machines, Methods For Cutting Cheese, Other Foods

Extrutech Plastics Begins Production Of Wall, Ceiling Panels With Antimicrobial Technology

SPX Flow Transfers Yellow Cheese Activities, Technologies To Denmark’s Primodan

RELCO Increases Cheesemaking Offering
Of Draining/Matting/
Cheddaring Belts

Provisur Awarded Patent For Device For Conveying Cheese Products

Caloris Engineering Receives Patent For Low-Spore Powder Production Process

Kelley Supply Takes On Sophisticated Robot Palletizing Cell After New Expansion