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Front Page - January 18, 2019 • Volume 143, No. 30
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Specialty Cheese Growth Continues, But Profit Margins Remain A Concern: ACS
Artisan cheese continues to top specialty food sales annually, but many cheese companies still struggle to maintain even the slimmest of profit margins. ....

Global Dairy Trade Price Index Posts Fourth Straight Increase; Only Casein Price Falls

The price index on this week’s semi-monthly Global Dairy Trade (GDT) dairy commodity auction increased 4.2 percent from the previous auction, held two weeks ago. .....


Less Milk Pooled On New California Federal Order In December; Class IV Use Fell To 3.1%

A total of 2.038 billion pounds of milk was pooled on the new California federal milk marketing order in December, down 42.3 million pounds from the volume of milk pooled in November, statistics recently released by the California market administrator’s office show. .......

FDA To Resume Some Inspections As Food Safety Concerns Continue
As food safety concerns continue to grow with the partial government shutdown about to enter its fifth week, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said it will resume inspections of some of the riskiest foods, including certain cheeses, as early as this week. . . ..



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Kody Rathe Creates Process Engineering Firm, RSP Design

GenMac Offers Dual Direction Horizontal Cheese Cutter

Kelley Supply Takes On Sophisticated Robot Palletizing Cell After New Expansion

Caloris Awarded Patent For CONCENTRIX MVR Evaporator

Quest Industrial Introduces Intelligent Autonomous Vehicle

Advanced Process Technologies (APT)Rebrands Corporate Identity

Urschel Introduces New Affinity Integra Dicer For Difficult-To-Cut Products Like Cheese

Nelson-Jameson Releases 70th Anniversary Edition Of Its Buyer’s Guide