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Front Page - September 13, 2019 • Volume 144, No. 13
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CME Block Cheddar Price Tops $2.00 For First Time Since 2014
The price of 40-pound Cheddar blocks on the CME cash market climbed above $2.00 per pound on Monday, the first time the block market has been above $2.00 per pound since Nov. 11, 2014. ....

Dairy CPI Reaches Highest Level In Over Two Years; Retail Cheddar, Whole Milk Prices Increase

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) for dairy and related products was 218.76 in August (1982-84=100), up 0.5 percent from July and 1.1 percent higher than in August 2018, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported Thursday.).....


Cheese Importer World’s Best Cheeses Starts Petition To Halt Proposed Tariffs On EU Cheeses

World’s Best Cheeses, a family-owned cheese importer and distributor based here, has initiated a grass-roots campaign to halt the proposed US tariffs on imports of cheese and other specialty foods from the European Union (EU). ....

Details Are ‘Very Important’ When Setting GI Policies For Cheese: Study
When establishing geographical indication (GI) policies for cheese, “the details are very important,” according to a study released recently in Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy. ..



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CSK Meets Demand For Distinct Flavors In Specialty, American Type Cheese

RV Cold Storage’s New Facility Handling Consolidation, LTL Services

Valcour Process Technologies To Provide Aquionics UV Technology To Cheese Makers

Caloris Engineering Receives Patent For Low-Spore Powder Production Process

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