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Front Page - July 31, 2020 • Volume 145, No. 7
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Bright Spots For Butter, Dairy Exist Amidst Overall Pandemic Uncertainty
While the coronavirus pandemic has blanketed the entire dairy industry with stress and uncertainty, bright spots and new opportunities have broken through the din and provide hope for a return to “normal.”....

AFBF Milk Pricing Reform Report Calls For Expanded Price Discovery, Review Of Federal Orders
The American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) this week released its final report on its priorities for milk pricing reform, calling for expanded price discovery and a review of federal milk marketing orders, among other things....


Possible Changes To US Tariffs On EU Cheese, Dairy Imports Debated

Continued and possibly modified tariffs on imports of cheese, dairy and other products from the European Union (EU) in the Airbus dispute are being criticized by several US dairy associations and companies, but the tariffs are supported by the National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF)..

USDA Announces Third Round Of Food Box Program Purchases
US Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue last Friday announced that USDA will launch a third round of Farmers to Families Food Box (FFFB) Program purchases, with distributions to occur beginning by September 1 with completion by October 31, 2020....


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Philquip Moves Operations, Doubles Improved Manufacturing Area

ALPMA USA Partners With Frontmatec To Offer Hand And Boot Hygiene Stations

Urschel Receives Patent For Machines, Methods For Cutting Cheese, Other Foods

Extrutech Plastics Begins Production Of Wall, Ceiling Panels With Antimicrobial Technology

SPX Flow Transfers Yellow Cheese Activities, Technologies To Denmark’s Primodan

RELCO Increases Cheesemaking Offering
Of Draining/Matting/
Cheddaring Belts

Provisur Awarded Patent For Device For Conveying Cheese Products

Caloris Engineering Receives Patent For Low-Spore Powder Production Process

Kelley Supply Takes On Sophisticated Robot Palletizing Cell After New Expansion